Moses Soliman

Software Developer/Consultant


My name is Muhammad. Moses/Mosa is my middle name.

I am a software developer/consultant with SixPivot. And this is my personal technical blog.

I'm Egyptian (hence mosesofegypt.net). Born 1981 in Abu Dhabi (UAE).
Spent all my childhood there and most of my teenage year. Moved back to Egypt 1997 with family where I finished high school and attended university.

Graduated 2003 from Computer Science (Ain Shams University in Cairo).
I've been developing software since 2000. My first job was part-time HTML/CSS/Classic ASP developer. I also did software development training during (2002-2011) mostly in .Net and Microsoft stack.
.Net (using C#) has been my primary development framework since its first release in 2002.

Since my graduation to this moment I've been developing with JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, Java, C#, .Net, ASP.Net, React, Angular, Vue, Blazor (just starting), XAML, WPF, Silverlight🤮, database engines (SQL Server, Postgresql, MySql), Azure, CosmosDb, MongoDb, VisualStudio, VSCode, JetBrain's Rider and probably other things.

I participated in building solutions for different industries mostly using Microsoft stack technologies and different front-end frameworks.

I started blogging some time during 2000s using this same exact domain. I stopped completely at some point in 2011. All that content is deleted now.
I kept the domain because I always wanted to start blogging again. And recently I decided to try blogging again. I've been looking for a decent blogging framework till Isaac created his blog using Tailwind Nextjs Starter Blog. It was exactly what I was looking for.
So here I am taking baby steps back to blogging. I disabled comments for the time being. I thought it needs time to setup and I felt lazy doing it.

I am divorced with 2 kids. Now married to my best friend Shaimaa who I love playing backgammon with while smoking shisha.
I also like playing video games (solo and mostly on PlayStation). My main exercise is running for shot distance (not doing much of that recently).

I like Arabic music (Mainly Egyptian Hip-hop/Rap/Trap). Here are couple of my Arabic playlists: